Making my Own Font


This was the default font. Pretty simple, pretty basic, pretty classy.

The first thing I did to the font was “flop it.” I thought an important first step was  to get away from any conventional form of font (as the template was.)


I then decreased the cap height to nothing, and maximized the cap height, bar height. screen-shot-2016-11-17-at-4-02-25-pm

After this I started “messing around with all of the options.” Many of the choices were random however a few were very intentional.


Perhaps the most intentional design choices I made were : slanting everything (to the right) and significantly decreasing the pen width. I don’t like bold font. I like very thin font and that was important to me in designing my font. I also wanted it to represent my sloppy handwriting. When I handwrite things quickly I always end up unintentionally slanting them to the right and so I wanted this to come through in my font.



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