The End


Block Printing


I immediately dug into the potato. I did not want to put too much thought into the design. I wanted it to be somewhat spontaneous and random. I made a few deep cuts and then a few thin slices. I was pretty happy with the design that came out. Next was actually putting the design on paper and making a pattern. I started at the top with basic right to left altered with left to right (also flipping the potato upside down.) After filling the whole paper, I sprinkled some random marks (and half marks) in empty spaces. This makes the design a little harder to make out at first sight but I was really happy with how it turned out. (it looks like a bunch of heads when you squint your eyes)


Transparency Quiz Extra Credit


Woah. The other day I came across a dead rat. Not only was this poor thing dead but, it’s whole body and meat was gone. All that was left was a spine. The rat was physically transparent… A pretty disturbing image but one that had to be captured. Goldsworthy takes pictures of extraordinary things. He usually manipulates them. In this case nature already manipulated the rat for me, but oh my was it extraordinary.


Color Quiz Extra Credit

Here I simply took a picture of my hand. Human bodies are part of nature too! I edited the original. I increased the color temperature and exposure. This is what gives the edited version the blue tint. If you look closely you will see red between my fingers. The increased  color temperature was responsible for this. This looked like blood to me, which was super cool and creepy, so I kept it. It also gave the red nail polish two different shades (I’m not totally sure why this happened, I think it might be because it was uneven and the particular spot where it changes had more then the rest of the area.) Goldsworthy’s art is considered “transient and emphereal.” I don’t think that applies to his particular art since i choose to go with the rearrangement of human body nature which can sometimes last longer than rearranging other aspects of nature.

Rhythm and Balance Quiz Extra Credit


I took these photos on an early November morning while at work. The sun was shining into the building in a majestic and beautiful fashion. Andy Goldsworthy talks about collapse and decay in his art; I think this is very similar (but maybe the opposite.) The sun here is rising and the light beams are shedding into the room. The beams have a certain balance to them that captivates the eye.


Making my Own Font


This was the default font. Pretty simple, pretty basic, pretty classy.

The first thing I did to the font was “flop it.” I thought an important first step was  to get away from any conventional form of font (as the template was.)


I then decreased the cap height to nothing, and maximized the cap height, bar height. screen-shot-2016-11-17-at-4-02-25-pm

After this I started “messing around with all of the options.” Many of the choices were random however a few were very intentional.


Perhaps the most intentional design choices I made were : slanting everything (to the right) and significantly decreasing the pen width. I don’t like bold font. I like very thin font and that was important to me in designing my font. I also wanted it to represent my sloppy handwriting. When I handwrite things quickly I always end up unintentionally slanting them to the right and so I wanted this to come through in my font.