Unfortunately, I really struggled with figuring out how to use this interface. Don’t feel bad, if I just spent a little more time and put a little more effort into it I probably could have gotten a better handle on it. But I didn’t. :/ . Sometimes pictures tell the story better then words so with out further a due, here ya go. 🙂 screen-shot-2016-11-10-at-4-01-04-pmscreen-shot-2016-11-10-at-4-01-09-pm



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I really struggled to figure out what I was going to write this article on. The fact that it could be on anything at all, left my mind pretty paralyzed. I sat in class for over an hour just thinking about things I could do. One of my initial ideas was to just do quotes from a movie. I am not sure why but I dismissed this idea. After contemplating on it for over an hour (as previously mentioned) I finally decided to do the original movie idea. More specifically I did quotes from a Christmas movie (It’s A Wonderful Life- my favorite Christmas movie and possibly my favorite/ most meaningful movie in general.) Doing quotes from the movie was a pretty simple and basic idea but I liked it. I love the production and visuals of this movie. They are very primitive (black and white scenes, bell’s, car honks, exaggerated snow sounds.) As far as value goes, I hope that someone else kind find this valuable. Any fan of the movie will be able to recognize the quotes and in recognition they can relate to me (if these quotes were also their favorites) and in that connection there is value.


Some Things I Don’t Like


Hierarchy is defined as “a system or organization in which people or groups are ranked one above the other according to status or authority.” Hierarchy is omnipresent in nature and exteriority but also in the way we think about things. We consciously (and subconsciously) group things in some sort of order of importance. I choose things I do not like. I did not want to overthink it. I just quickly listed ten things I do not like. I could have spent some more time on self reflection to figure out what I do not like in order from most to least but I opted not to do that. I wanted my hierarchy to represent what was going on in my mind during those few seconds I wrote these things down. And so there does not seem to be a specific order/rhyme or reason in my hierarchy picture. Instead it represents the disorganized/organized hierarchy (disorganized in the sense that I did not analyze these thoughts, but organized in the sense that my mind automatically organized them in a super simple fashion and I am reflecting that). All of the words/texts are of the same relative size. Does this mean that I dislike wet socks just as much as I dislike despair? No, however the initial hierarchy my mind organized for me did not place more significance on one or the other and so my picture represents this childlike (not well thought out) hierarchy.


The rule of thirds is something that seems super simple and natural however it can be a challenging concept to grasp. In this photo the main object is in the dead center which goes against the rule of thirds. I put this in the center to create a lack on tension. Some may say this is makes the photo not interesting (because there is no conflict.) I felt that the photo itself is of a dying rose near christmas lights and so there is already a conflict between two things that do not usually go together. I wanted to maintain this equilibrium and so I kept the rose in the center. screen-shot-2016-10-23-at-10-33-11-pm

The golden mean is something I am still struggling with however the more I grapple with these concepts the more I understand that they are semi-abstract ideas and do not have a concrete way of execution. I believe this picture prides itself on it’s dullness and so I decided the focal point should represent that. I said what is the most boring part of this picture and made that the focal point.


In this photo the pink stands out. All the other colors are sad and semi-dark. Though the pink still blends in with the others I believe it stands out a little more and so I made part of the pink the focal point. (side note: this is a picture of a puddle I took in line, the water is reflecting people near me with umbrellas.)


I decided to see how the rule of thirds held up in this picture. As you can see, it did not turnout too well. But once again I think this represents how these concepts do not automatically make a picture good or bad. i still think it is a great photo!


This picture is where I feel I did the best implementing the rule of thirds. The face is right on the left thirds and it creates a very visually appealing tension within the photo.



Always Changing. Never Ending.

Physical texture is not a constant. It is always changing… You just have to look. As I walked around West Philadelphia today/tonight I took a few photos. I tried to focus in on our immediate physical surroundings. I noticed that not only is texture always changing; but it is also infinite. It never ends. This constant discovery and changing perspective does not have an end or a limit. This is an extremely abstract idea but it is important to take note of. We have all heard the say “a picture is worth a thousand words,” today I realized that in a sense a picture is also a worth a thousand pictures and so on and so on.